Superconducting SFQ VLSI Workshop (SSV 2015)


The 8th Superconducting SFQ VLSI Workshop (SSV 2015) is a satellite workshop of the 15th International Superconductive Electronics Conference (ISEC 2015), and will be held on July 10th, 2015. The conference venue will be the E & S Hall, E & S Building, Nagoya University. (See the “Venue” page for detail.)

This year's workshop is jointed with ISEC 2015 and with the 2nd Workshop on Superconductive Circuit Modeling and Layout Extraction. On July 9th, the workshop holds a joint session with the ISEC 2015.

SSV 2015 was over. SSV 2016 will be held at Yokohama, Japan.


Scope & Aims:

The SSV workshop aims at providing an opportunity to discuss key aspects of SFQ VLSI technologies. This year's workshop will offer a tutorial session of the fundamentals of SFQ circuits and a special session related to superconductive circuit modeling and layout extraction, as well as a conventional session of contributed oral presentation. Topics include device fabrication, circuit design, function testing, and system integration.


This workshop is sponsored by the following three national projects in Japan.

Call For Papers:


Contributed papers will be presented in an oral session. All presentations must be in English.

Invited Speakers

Distinguished researchers listed below will be invited to SSV 2015. (The list is in alphabetical order.)

Abstract Submission

All abstracts must be submitted using the Online Submission & Registration site. Please do not e-mail or fax abstracts. The deadline for submission is April 30th, 2015.

Notice of acceptance for inclusion in the SSV 2015 program will be sent electronically to the Contact Author by May 11th, 2015.

Abstract Format

Authors are requested to submit the title, list of authors, and a camera-ready abstract file in an MS Word or PDF format. The title is requested to consist of 50 words or less. The option to use some special symbols will be provided. The abstract body is requested to consist of 700 characters or less including spaces. The file size must not exceed 1 MB.


Those who will submit a paper in the workshop need to register in advance. Deadline for workshop registration is June 12th, 2015.

Those who will participate in the workshop without submitting a paper also need to register in advance. Deadline for workshop registration is June 12th, 2015.

Please follow the instructions in the Registration page.

Submission of manuscript for proceedings

Authors are requested to upload the essential slides of presentation in an MS PowerPoint or PDF format. Deadline for the submission is June 12th, 2015.

Please follow the instructions in the Proceeding page.