Superconducting SFQ VLSI Workshop (SSV 2015)

Program (Schedule)

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Friday, July 10

Opening Remarks
H. Akaike (Nagoya Univ.)

Invited Lecture I (9:40-10:50)
Chairperson: Y. Mizugaki

[L-1] O. Mukhanov (Invited), Hypres Inc.
"Fundamentals and Future Prospects of SFQ circuits for Energy-Efficient Applications"

Coffee Break (10:50-11:05)

Invited Lecture II & Contributed Oral I (11:05-12:20)
Chairperson: Y. Yamanashi

[L-2] T. Ortlepp (Invited), CiS Research Institute / Yokohama National Univ.
"Standard, Advanced and Emerging Single Flux Quantum Circuit Components"
[Oral-1] A. Fujimaki, M. Tanaka, H. Akaike, Nagoya Univ.
"Enhancement of Industrial Competitiveness of Superconductor Digital Electronics"

Lunch (12:20-13:50)

Special Session on "Superconductive Circuit Modeling and Layout Extraction" (13:50-15:25)
Chairperson: M. Tanaka

[SS-1] C. J. Fourie, University of Stellenbosch
"Self and mutual inductance extraction from complex IC layouts"
[SS-2] C. L. Ayala, N. Takeuchi, Q. Xu, Y. Yamanashi, Yokohama National Univ.; T. Ortlepp, CiS Research Institute / Yokohama National Univ.
"Towards VLSI Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametron Logic Circuits"
[SS-3] N. M. Muchuka, J. Delport, C. Fourie, University of Stellenbosch
"Generic HDL models for SFQ logic circuits"

Coffee Break (15:25-15:40)

Contributed Oral II (15:40-16:40)
Chairperson: H. Terai

[Oral-2] M. Hidaka, S. Nagasawa, T. Satoh, AIST; S. Miyajima, H. Shishido, T. Ishida, Osaka Pref. Univ.; A. Fujimaki, Nagoya Univ.
"Fabrication Process for Monolithic Superconducting Detector with SFQ Readout Circuit"
[Oral-3] A. Bozbey, TOBB Economy and Technology Univ., Nagoya Univ.; M. Tanaka, Nagoya Univ.; T. Ishida, Osaka Pref. Univ.; A. Fujimaki, Nagoya Univ.
"Superconducting Stripline Detectors (SSLD): Design Guidelines and Read-out Schemes"
[Oral-4] T. Ono, Y. Yamanashi, N. Yoshikawa, Yokohama National Univ.
"Design of a Complex Event Detector Circuit for Complex Event Processing System Using SFQ Circuits"
[Oral-5] M. Ohata, K. Ueda, K. Takagi, N. Takagi, Kyoto Univ.
"Logic Design of a Pattern Matching Circuit Based on Systolic Architecture Using Single-Flux-Quantum Circuits"
Closing Remarks
N. Yoshikawa (Yokohama National Univ.)